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The Gifted Reach Out Program (GRO)
Students are exposed to new subjects with the intent to broaden their interests and enhance their present grade level core curriculum based upon student interest. Students considered eligible for the GRO program are evaluated in June by formal assessments using multiple measures, including parent and teacher questionnaires.First graders and students new to the district may be tested in December.Students who were previously in a gifted and talented program in another district are assessed upon entry into our district using our measurements prior to their admission to GRO.

Testing for the Gifted Reach Out Program
Parents of first through fourth grade children who are interested in having their child tested for the district’s gifted program (GRO) should send a written request to their child’s classroom teacher by May of each school year. Current parents of first grade students who are interested in the gifted program, may also have their child tested in December. If a parent is interested in having their child tested in December to possibly enter GRO in January please send an email or a note to their child's classroom teacher by the end of November. Testing for all other requests will begin in May and the testing results will be mailed home at the end of June. In conjunction with GRO testing, teacher and parent evaluations are included in determining student eligibility.

The GRO program provides enrichment for students who have demonstrated high academic abilities. The work is above grade level and is rigorous. Children are expected to fulfill their regular classroom and GRO proficiencies during the year.

How do we effectively teach our gifted learners?What it takes to teach gifted learners well, is actually a little common sense. It begins with the premise that each child should come to school to stretch and grow daily. It includes the expectation that the measure of progress and growth is competition with oneself rather than competition against others. It resides in the notion that educators understand key concepts, principles and skills of subject domains, and present those in ways that cause highly able students to wonder and grasp, and extend their reach. And it envisions schooling as an escalator on which students continually progress, rather than a series of stairs, with landings on which advanced learners consistently wait.It's not so hard to articulate. It's fiendishly difficult to achieve in schools where standardization is the norm, and where teachers are supported in being recipe followers, rather than flexible and reflective artisans. In schools where responsive instruction is a carefully supported indicator of professional growth, the capacity to extend even the most capable mind is a benchmark of success.
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